This site is for those who are 

  • troubled by the hate, venom and bullying around us;
  • or who think that humankind must come together;
  • or, being cautious about strongman rule, prefer an elected government with checks and balances;
  • or who realize that evil descends from human folly, not from a person's label of race, faith, nationality or of another kind; 
  • or who want to be educated by nature, history, science and the human conscience, not by anger or ill-will;
  • and for those ready to believe that a  neighbour may turn out to be more a friend than an enemy.

The name Himmat ('courage') is taken from the Mumbai weekly of that name (1964-81) which took a forthright stance during India's Emergency, 1975-77. For background, see Kalpana Sharma's article: